Serious Business: Jason McAteer Rants At Standard Of Refereeing At ‘Star Sixes’ Tournament After Being Sent Off For Tangle With Michael Owen (Video)

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If you’re labouring under the illusion that the Star Sixes is simply a six-a-side knock-about tournament which affords ex-pros a chance to roll back the years while fans marvel at how grey their temples are, then Jason McAteer would very much like a word with you.

Indeed, the Republic of Ireland international got himself sent off in a Star Sixes game against England on Sunday after coming to blows with Michael Owen.

McAteer was dismissed for his part in a skirmish with Owen, who somehow escaped with a yellow card after the officials failed to spot him aiming a petulant kick at his former Liverpool teammate.

After watching Ireland fall to a 1-0 defeat from the stands, McAteer was left to rail against the standard of refereeing… at a round-robin exhibition tournament for veteran footballers at the Glasgow Hydro arena.

The referee got it wrong. We had a little pulling of the shirt, spun around and then Michael Owen decided to lash out and I didn’t think I wanted to let him get away with it.

The referee decided he didn’t see it, or he didn’t want to see it because it was England and Michael Owen.

We made up a bit and then I gave him a friendly push up the backside.

There was no tongue lodged in cheek, either. As this video demonstrates, McAteer was still visibly fuming…

Old habits die hard. The anti-official stance is obviously deeply ingrained.

Serious business, this Star Sixes. Serious, serious business… or joyless po-faced nonsense – whichever you’d prefer.