Retro Football: Jimmy Greaves Gets Very Angry At The Met Office And Weather In General On Morning Television, 1987 (Video)

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Regarded as a reliably affable and jocular personality, the Great Storm of 1987 saw the British television-watching public introduced to a different side of Jimmy Greaves.

The former Tottenham and England poacher appeared on the TV-am sofa to express his concerns to presenter Mike Morris about the inclement weather enveloping the entire country in October of that year.

Specifically, Greavsie was incredibly annoyed at the Met Office’s reluctance to categorise the violent winds battering England as a hurricane despite, in his own words, there being “60-foot oak trees picked out of the ground like watercress”.

What followed was wonderfully eloquent (if slightly rambling) rant about the general dire state of weather reporting in general…

“Jimmy, I understand your anger…”


Pretty much the exact physical embodiment of Grandpa Simpson yelling at clouds.