Under Armour Design One-Of-One Spotlight 2.0 For Memphis Depay

The special edition design of the Under Armour Spotlight has been given a unique one-of-one treatment, designed for Memphis to spread awareness of his charity, The Memphis Foundation which is dedicated to helping support deaf and blind people in Ghana. Following a recent trip to Ghana, Depay teamed up with Fox Sports in documenting the experience. The documentary will air online in the coming months.

depay boots_0006_Memphis-Boots-5.jpg
depay boots_0002_Memphis-Boots-25.jpg

Across the boots is a sound wave frequency that is captured from a voice saying “Walk In Faith Not By Sight” which is Memphis’ slogan and part of his celebration where he puts his fingers in his ears, closing his eyes and raises his hands up to God. The celebration is a symbol of support to those children he recently visited in Ghana. 

depay boots_0000_Memphis-Boots-32.jpg
depay boots_0003_Memphis-Boots-22.jpg

Pairing the boots with a 1987 Holland Shirt, the international break has given Memphis the opportunity to spread the message about his charity. Doing it through his boots means he can show his committed support to the cause on the pitch.

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