Man City: Actor Neil Patrick Harris Makes Worst, Most Fundamental Error Imaginable While Attending First Ever Football/Soccer Match (Video)

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Try as they might, the majority of celebrity football fans just can’t seem to nail it convincingly – almost as if they were merely playing at staunch die-hard supporters of their flippantly selected clubs.

Just take US actor Neil Patrick Harris for example, who just got it all wrong while attending his first “football/soccer” match on Wednesday evening.

With he and his son sat in the stands at the MetLife Arena draped entirely in Man City merchandise, the ‘How I Met Your Mother’ star excitedly bleated out his support for Manchester United while recording the scene for posterity…

Urgh. We don’t think our toes are ever going to uncurl after bearing witness to that one.

It might be your first match, Neil, but you’ve got a lot to learn.